Free Gas Survey

Our Chemist Surveyor attend on board the motor tanker vessel to enable that the vessel to enter port or shipyard for repair without delay with the Master, when preparing the vessel for certifying free from flammable vapour (gas-free inspection) prior enter the dry-dock shipyard.


A Gas-Free Certificate will be issued to the Master of the vessel only if the Inspector of Petroleum (Chemist Marine Surveyor) is completely satisfied that are free from flammable vapour. This certificate will only permit the vessel to proceed to other anchorages within the port. If a Gas-Free Certificate for entering a shipyard is required, in addition to being satisfied that they are free from flammable vapour gas, CO, H2S and O2 is permit-able.

The Gas-Free Certificate is valid for a period of 7 days from the date of issue.

Should the Certificate expire or any change in the condition occurred, it is necessary for the Inspector /Surveyor to re-inspect the vessel and a new Certificate issued thereupon. It is the responsibility of the Master of the vessel to monitor the expiry date and the condition and should the Certificate expire or any change occur. It is the responsibility of the Master of the vessel to inform the Inspector ?Surveyor through the vessel’s agent in order that a further inspection be carried out.

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