Pre Entry P&I Club Survey

marine survey inspection services
This condition survey was carried out by Marine Surveyor at the request of P and I Club, its purpose is simply to provide a factual picture of the actual condition of the vessel at the time of inspection. On the basis of the inspection the P&I Club may refuse entry to owner or require certain work to be done, but that is the decision of the P&I Club not the marin...
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Free Gas Survey

Our Chemist Surveyor attend on board the motor tanker vessel to enable that the vessel to enter port or shipyard for repair without delay with the Master, when preparing the vessel for certifying free from flammable vapour (gas-free inspection) prior enter the dry-dock shipyard. A Gas-Free Certificate will be issued to the Master of the vessel only if the Inspector of Pe...
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Bunker Survey

bunker survey surveyor
Our Marine Surveyor expert will provide the professional quantity inspection services to the purpose of Bunker Survey is to establish the quantity of bunker (its can be OBQ (on board quantity), ship to ship's transfer or ROB (remaining on board) quantity) at time of survey present. the our Bunker Fuel Quantity (BQS) services: Measurement of the bunker tanker and recei...
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Pre Purchase Inspection

pre purchase survey
The purpose is not to determine the price, which is a market function, we a Marine Surveyor from PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor attending the survey to see that the real condition of the vessel will meets its sale specification to quantity any work which must be done to bring the vessel up to specification or to convert it to the new owner's requirement, to identify any latent or sp...
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