P & I Surveyor

PNI Surveyor is likely a private marine surveyor, a Marine P and I Surveyor may be asked to carry out a wide range of tasks, including examining ships’ cargoes or onboard conditions such as fuel quality; investigating accidents at sea (e.g., oil spillages or failure of machinery or structures which are not considered to be critical); and preparing accident reports for insurance purposes, and conducting draught surveys to analyse how much cargo has been lost or gained.
P and I Surveyors also carry out condition surveys or pre-purchase surveys to determine the condition of the ship prior to charter or an acquisition. Many companies as P&I clubs, ship-owners, brokers, etc. employ or contract the services of a private marine surveyor in order to determine the condition of the ship. In case you have order for P&I Marine Survey please do not hesitate to contact us PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor “
marine surveyor
marine surveyor

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