The Vanning Survey Charcoal

When you have a charcoal shipment  bring to you customer using by the sea transportation,  the shipper should be appointed a marine surveyor to conduct The Vanning Survey.

The Vanning survey certificate confirming that:

  • Cargo is packed in accordance with IMDG Code.
  • Packaging should be impervious to air & in good condition, & must not be torn.
  • Temperature of cargo should not be more than 5 degree C above the ambient temp
  • There should be no burning smell or presence of smoke during vanning
  • Void space of 30 cm must be left on top of cargo & at door end to assist fire fighting
  • Description of whole cooling process and the chemical (or steam ) used for activating.
  • Minimum of 14 days of pre-cooling prior to packaging.
  • Total number and size of containers
  • Container numbers
  • Seal numbers against respective container numbers
  • Date of vanning of each container


the vanning survey charcoal
the vanning survey charcoal

the Vaning Certificate issue after the Vanning Survey processing done. Vanning Certificate require on every shipment every single container. The main issue is about temperature and dead space when good loading on container. Its important as standard operating procedure if any burning case on carrying this product. Cost of Vanning survey is depend on Factory location as the surveyor need to be on place on every stuffing.

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