Pre Purchase Inspection

The purpose is not to determine the price, which is a market function, we a Marine Surveyor from PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor attending the survey to see that the real condition of the vessel will meets its sale specification to quantity any work which must be done to bring the vessel up to specification or to convert it to the new owner’s requirement, to identify any latent or specific defects which would affect operation and to asses if the vessel will be fit for the required purpose.

pre purchase survey
tug and barge

During the survey the master or owner representative should be kept fully informed of progress and it is usually helpful if a senior officer can be present to assist the marine surveyor and to take note of his comments. On completion of the survey, we will provide a full written survey report, illustrated with colored photographs, is to be submitted. This survey report is to provide full details of the real condition were found on board the vessel and should be give details of any repair effected.

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